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Eye center “VISION”

Eye center “VISION” in Moscow is a part of company group “VISION” that consists of optical boutiques and eye care clinics. We have been working in optic sphere since 1992 and in ophthalmology – since 2003.

15 years
Successful Experience in Ophthalmology
25 years
Successful Experience in Optics sphere
3,5 thousand
of Eye operations per year
34 thousand
Patients are happy to see without glasses and contact lenses
20 countries
Geography of our Patients

Eye center “VISION” is a modern eye clinic, specialized in advanced diagnostics and eye surgery including laser vision correction, surgery of cataract, glaucoma and retinal diseases.

For flexible pricing “VISION” offers a wide range of services in ophthalmology for the whole family from babies to elderly people.

We pay special attention to therapeutic methods using instrumental treatment and complex stimulation, especially for children. All procedures in our clinic are absolutely safe and painless.

3 important “IFs”

If you feel a deterioration of your eyesight,

If you have a bad eye hereditary,

If you have any eye problem, 

we absolutely recommend you to make a full eye examination (minimum once per year).

Full eye examination includes different procedures (tonometry, visual field test, visual acuity test and the others) with normal pupil and with pupil dilation.

Price of full examination in our clinic - 2 800 RUB (or 2 520 RUB - 10% discount if you request an appointment from our website). 

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When you choose “VISION”,

  • you can be calm, because “VISION” is a great team of professionals. We love our work and do our best to keep our patients happy to restore their vision.
  • you can be confident, because our specialists use the advanced treatment techniques and high technology, innovative equipment in diagnostics and surgery process.
  • you can be sure, that our service is value for money. We do not raise prices for foreigners only for the fact that our doctors speak English. We just do our job.

Our advantages:

  • our doctors have great experience in ophthalmology that help us to achieve success with different patients.
  • our equipment - modern optical-electronic and computer equipment for diagnostic, program complex “Visual Clinic” that provides fulfilling of primary therapy and diagnostic procedures directly in the clinic and on distance, many other ways of modern eye surgery.
  • our location and working hours – we work in the center of Moscow (5 min from Arbat and metro Smolenskaya) without weekends.

Eye center “VISION” is proud of our medical director and leading ophthalmic surgeon - Dr. Boris Gorodetsky. He is an ophthalmologist with 30 years’ experience, a professor of medical science, member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) - the largest global professional associations of ophthalmologists dealing with cataract surgery.

Dr. Gorodetsky conducted complex eye operations in Germany, USA, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Japan and China. He is one of the authors of standard and innovative surgical methods of cataract treatment in Russia. He is known by performing unique surgical procedures and sight restoration in cases when other surgeons could not do anything.

Despite the large surgical experience, Dr. Gorodetsky prefers the less traumatic conservative eye therapy and performs invasive surgery only in those cases when conservative treatment cannot be effective.

If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +7 (495) 937-81-24 or by e-mail: